Smith, Jennings Attorneys Issue Statement

From:  Larry Wilder
Scott Roby

Today, University of Louisville student-athletes, Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith, were arraigned on charges of Resisting Law Enforcement as Class A Misdemeanors.  Immediately following the arraignment both Jennings and Smith entered pleas of guilty to the underlying charges.

The pair admitted that, on October 11, 2009, they “knowingly and intentionally defied, obstructed and interfered with Officer Thomas Mitchell while Mitchell was engaged in the execution of his duties” as a police officer.  They were placed on probation for one year during which time they will perform forty (40) hours of community service.  They were ordered to pay standard court costs and probation fees totaling $504.00.

Clark County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Carl Frazier, noted in the plea agreement that the considerations for the plea were that, “The Defendant(‘s) issued an unsolicited apology to (the) officers before the agreement. Defendant(s) have no prior arrests, Police officer’s had no injuries.  Officer Mitchell (was) notified and approve(d) of the plea agreement.”

In addition, during the hearing both Smith and Jennings personally apologized to the court, the community and the officers.  When asked by Judge Kenneth Pierce, if Smith had anything to add he stated that, “I want to apologize to the court, the police officers and the community for what took place.  Both Terrence and I can assure you and everyone else that we will do what we are required to do and we will work very hard to make up for this both in the classroom and on the court.”

Jennings reiterated Smith’s statement and went on to say that, “We will work very, very hard to make sure that we do not disappoint anyone either here or at the university.”

Larry Wilder, Smith’s attorney, said that, “I am very proud to say I’ve had the chance to represent a young man like Jerry Smith.  Jerry is a special kid.  He’s bright, articulate and dedicated to his teammates, the university and the community.  I have little doubt that Jerry will take this event and turn it into a positive both on the court and off.”

Scott Roby, Jennings attorney went on to add, “Terrence understands how important it is to move forward.  He may be 6’10″ but he’s a very sensitive, thoughtful young man.  His apology to the court and the community was from the heart and I know that he and Jerry will both work very hard to demonstrate to the community that this was not in keeping with their character.  We are all glad it’s over and we believe that there will be good come from this both in the classroom, on the court or while they are sharing themselves through community service.”

Both Jennings and Smith will have the opportunity to petition the court for a modification of the plea agreement upon successful completion of the the terms.


  1. fred
    Posted October 19, 2009 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    So what was this all about anyway? From what I’ve read, no other arrests were made. So no one, except two, tall, African Amercian males caused any problems for the policy. No public intoxication, nobody started anything. Just two guys end up resisting guys dressed as security guards and ended up in jail.

  2. Seedy K
    Posted October 19, 2009 at 8:47 pm | Permalink

    Seems to me like First Degree ABB. (Arrested Because Black)

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