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Football Saturday: Morning After

Revised 11/01 8:20 a.m. One last Halloween metaphor, before we start talking turkey. There were more tricks than treats for the locals on October’s last football Saturday. Now pass me that last Snickers. If ever there was a close (or pretty close) but no cigar team, it’s the Indiana Hoosiers. They were up 21-7, then […]

Saturday’s Pick Five, Halloween Edition

Squish. Splat. Kethunk. Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh. A week after going a perfect 5-0, I was back on my less than considerable game when this Saturday ended with a thump. WashU, Colorado and Team Helmet all let me down. My 2-3 tally for last weekend notwithstanding, I’m still 23-17 on the season. And now that real autumn is […]

Opening Night Observations II: The Team

It is difficult, and more than a bit unfair, to judge a team after one exhibition. Especially when it’s played less than two weeks after the start of practice. But, hey, I’ve never let such reasoning get in the way before. And it’s too late to stop now. As ragged as the performance was, it […]

Opening Night Observations I: The Scene

Those Nelligan Marketing folks who seem to have grabbed hold of U of L athletics by the short and curlies won’t let go. At last night’s first Cardinal hoops battle, they inundated the crowd as is their wont with continuously loud abrasive music during pre-game. If they feel compelled to play loud music at every […]

Opening Day Jitters & Quibbles

And the Opening Day I’m talking about ain’t the November Madness we used to call the World Series. It shouldn’t take the Bronx Checkbooks more than five games to finish that. Hopefully before the first blizzard of the season. And I don’t mean baseball season. I am talking about U of L hoops tipoff, which […]

SchnellSpeak: 10.27.09

Florida Atlantic, flush with a couple of Ws in a row, is racing up the national offensive statistical charts. The Fighting Owls are 10th in the land in total offense, and 15th in passing offense. When Coach Quote went to praise his new offensive coordinator Darryl Jackson, it was Yogi Schnell who showed up: “He’s […]

Parity, We don’t need No Stinkin’ Parity

31-3 37-7 42-6 35-7 38-0 45-10 Those are the scores of six of Sunday afternoon’s pro games. Four others had double digit margins. (Technically that’s three daylight games, Pats vs. Bucs was played at night in London.) I’m not including Sunday or Monday night games. (Obviously, since this will be posted before kickoff of both.) […]

Another Groggy Morning After

You got any ibuprofen handy? I’m out and could use a triple dose this morning. So probably could my favorite caller on the Cards post-game radio talk show. The fellow sounded more than a bit in his cups in the wake of yet another woeful U of L performance, this time in the nation’s fifth […]

SchnellSpeak: 10.25.09

Nothing like adding a Sun Belt scalp on the Fighting Owl Nation’s totem pole of tradition to steer Supreme Commander Big Chief Coach Quote back toward poetic relevance. It’s been a down year for Florida Atlantic. Thus the Poet Laureate of College Pigskin has been off his feed. (To use a metaphor far too mundane […]

Saturday’s Pick Five, 8th Edition

Funny, I didn’t hear from any of the braying naysayers this week. Oh yeah, I went a perfect 5-0 last weekend. Thanks Schnell, Danke Dabo. Pete, you so Cali. Hook ‘Em Horns. All hail the Hawkeyes. Which brings the tally to 21 up and only 14 down for the year. Not bad, not bad at […]