Last Look Back @ Guv’s Cup

My double trouble panel of football experts has finally weighed in on Louisville’s disheartening loss to UK. State Champ is like Jaws, he never opines until he’s watched the tapes. His sidekick Sportsby never opines until he’s sure he’s right (which means he waits to hear what State Champ has to say then essentially agrees to all his sidekick has said).

State Champ’s take on the game: after reviewing game film:

“…must say boys were into  it…unfortunately, our coach (Steve Kragthrope) may be just good enough to get us beat….Burke>Hartline…Powell has lost a step…he should be fullback on passing downs…as evidenced by Vic Anderson’s run on first play of game, Ky over-pursued drastically….setting up reverse, counter play or misdirection to tight end would have worked all day…especially  in red zone where we ran pitiful plays for the most part….Coach  Bob P. would have had a field day… 60 points plus…hell, we got 6  points on 4 drives almost back to back ending 1st half and starting  2nd half–all in the red zone…assume we get 17 out of 28 we win by  2 td’s…when Lindley went out I thought the game was ours…I know  they doubled Long after that but Guy and Doug (Beaumont) should have taken turns beating Warford and we only went deep once against him for a TD…why not every 3rd play at least…no way he could cover either of them one on one…Johnson can’t play the pass…our TE is pretty  good…should have thrown to him more too…We have 0 pass rush…if  we even sniff Hartline we win by 40…if I can see this, why can’t  our coaches?”

State Champ is obviously a Cardinal fan, as is sidekick, Sportsby, who after reading the above, added:

“I agree. Any good coach wins that game by 14 to 21 points. And you did not even mention the special team mistakes — offsides, 100 yard return, missed field goal, muffed punt. By the way, did you watch Locke drop the ball before he hit the goal line on the run back — it rolls through theend zone — touchback. And Coach K (Steve Kragthorpe) is our offensive coordinate but he cannot get plays into the game timely and has no idea as to how to run a 1 minute offense at the end of a game. A sorry loss since we should have won big.”

Of all the things I’ve read about the game, this blurb from C-J Cardinal beat reporter C.L. Brown is certainly the most troublesome: “Jurich hurt as much as the players did over the loss, but he was also encouraged. He told me that he ‘sees progress,’ and that U of L ‘isn’t that far off,’ from turning the corner.”

My last thoughts, then I’m moving on . . . honest . . . at least for today.

Louisville is not without some seriously talented players. Louisville played hard. But, I have to ask, isn’t that what they should be doing every game? Isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to see that his players are ready and focused for every kickoff, that they’re given tools and a scheme to maximize their abilities and prevail?

I remain firm in my belief, until evidence is presented to convince me otherwise, that Steve Kratthorpe is not ready for prime time. A decent, personable fellow, he’s just nothing special as a football coach.

Steve Kragthorpe did not drop that punt late in the game. Steve Kragthorpe did not throw the tipped interception late in the game. But his play calling, lack of organization, failure to recognize the flow of the game and adjust, lack of recruitment of enough studs to augment the talent left him cost Louisville a most winnable Kentucky game. As it has other games. As it will continue to do as long as he stays here.

I know Tom Jurich to be an astute football guy. As I’ve said before, Steve Kragthorpe was a legit, arguably even smart hire. But there has been proof enough already that it was a misfire. To mix metaphors, it’s time for Tom to take a mulligan and move on. My hope is that his post game comments were merely spin, that he has a list of replacements in mind and that — one or two more metaphors — he’ll bite the bullet and pull the plug as soon as is reasonable and prudent.

– Seedy K


    Posted September 24, 2009 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    I couldn’t agree more. I think the coach is in way over his head. You and I seemed to be the only ones that read Jurich’s remarks, since no one else has made a comment on it. I can’t see any “progress”. UofK was worse than I thought they were and UofL was not as bad as I thought they were. That being said,
    I still think the solution is a new coach. Bobby, John L and even Ron Cooper would have won that game. IMHO.

  2. cbcard
    Posted September 24, 2009 at 9:36 am | Permalink

    When TJ says Kragthorpe and UofL football are ready to turn the corner he is correct. What he doesn’t say is that there is a fleet of semis careening down the wrong side of the road towards that same corner.

  3. Randy
    Posted September 25, 2009 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    You guys must be smoking crack. U of L should have won by 40. I know you’re smoking crack. If not for the third quarter gifts from UK, U of L isn’t even in the game. Basically UK’s offense played only 3 quarters and only got outgained by about 30 yards. You guys are nuts. The only thing you’re right about is Kragthorpe is not ready for the big time. Hope Jurich keeps him for another five years.

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