Saturday’s Pick Five, 3d Edition

The Green Wave is taking the $$$$ — $700 large — to avoid crossing paths with the Bayou Bengals after this season. Lane Kiffin told his father, D coordinator Monte, to wear a duster tomorrow in Gainesville so he can hide beneath daddy’s coattails. And that former U of L coach, whose name no longer can be uttered via edict from Cardinal officials, is hoping his Razorbacks chew up the Bulldogs to prove they’re ready for prime time, SEC style.

And I hope to rebound from a dismal week of prognostication. After a 4-1 opening weekend, I fell to 2-3 last week. 6 up 4 down on the season isn’t bad, but the downward trend that has me worried.

Here goes nothing:

Utah at Oregon. The Ducks are reeling from their beating at Boise. And are one really good running back short in the backfield. Let’s hope Nike’s Phil Knight gets ‘em some funky new unis to get Oregon back on track. The Utes are a five point dog, heading to the Great Northwest. They may not be as good as last season, but that Terrible Trio of Mountain West schools are playing with chips on their shoulders. Oregon’s new coach is named Kelly, which, one might opine, would give them some green Irish luck against the Utes. Except that Chip Kelly is no Brian Kelly. Utah survives.

Syracuse @ Northwestern. Do we really care about this game? Well, frankly, NO! But there’s only a three point spread between a couple of teams aspiring for .500 on the year. Which means, anything can happen. Greg Paulus played basketball for one of them academic basketball schools. Now he’s looking for his first collegiate pigskin scalp against the Duke of the Big 11. Sorry, Greg, not this week. Purple prevails.

Nebraska @ Virginia Tech. Frank Beamer’s record against other stalwart teams is not nearly as good as his record against all teams. The question is this: Are the Cornhuskers back? Smacking around The Schnell’s Fighting Owls proves little. The Hokies were flooded by a late Crimson Tide storm surge. Which isn’t necessarily a sign they aren’t good. When the final buzzer sounds, those Virginia Tech fans will be putting their left feet in, taking their left out . . . doing the Hoke Pokie Victory Dance.

Michigan State @ Notre Dame. Mel Kiper, who doesn’t know nearly as much about football as he thinks he does, says this is “the most important game in Charlie Weis’s career at Notre Dame.” Who am I to disagree? The Fighting Irish are a double digit favorite at home in the shadows of the Golden Dome. But here’s the rub. In one of college football’s more intriguing stats, the Spartans have a six game winning streak in South Bend. Go figure. The yang to that yin is that they were upended by Directional Michigan last week in East Lansing. I know it’s just wishful thinking. I know it’s going to plunge my personal W/L into the depths. But . . . . . . . Duffy Daugherty will be smiling from on high after the game.

Louisville @ Kentucky. There isn’t much new to say about this match up in these parts. The game’s been examined under every microscope in the commonwealth. UK is the justifiably the clear cut favorite. But it’s a rivalry game. And Steve Kragthorpe should be feeling some heat. (And he may not be, which is really part of the problem at U of L.) Even if Coach CoachSpeak coaches up the Cards, I don’t see how it can be to any end but to make the game closer than anticipated. Chalk holds. Cats win.

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
    Posted September 19, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Nice pick on the UK-U of L game Swami.

  2. Seedy K
    Posted September 20, 2009 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    I believe I had that one, thank you very much.

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