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U of L’s Next Coach

And I’m not talking football, but the sport that was, is and always will be #1 in the Land o’ Red & Black: Basketball. My source is a person of reasonable reliability with no reason to pass along anything so spicy unless he/ she believed it was with merit, a person who has been part […]

Mediocrity Rising: The Kragthorpe Era Continues

Louisville was down 13 at the end of the 3d against Utah, having the only tally of the quarter, and its first of the game, to cut the Utes margin to something manageable to overcome. My crew — serious, long time, inveterate, unequivocal Cardinal fans — certain of the outcome, another U of L loss […]

SchnellSpeak: 09.26.09 (Game Day)

After batterings at Nebraska and South Carolina, the Fighting Owls now face a team their own size — Louisiana Monroe. One last look back by Historian Schnell: “I think both of these games have been helpful to get our youngsters on defense ready – a baptism by fire if you will. Hopefully we will use […]

Saturday’s Pick Five, 4th Edition

Another 2-3 W/L last week has me teetering on the cusp of falling below .500 on the year. Not a good thing. But I stand 8-7 on the annum and I may be reelin’ and rockin’, but I’m also rollin’ to the break of dawn. With new enthusiasm. So here go five more picks sure […]

Last Look Back @ Guv’s Cup

My double trouble panel of football experts has finally weighed in on Louisville’s disheartening loss to UK. State Champ is like Jaws, he never opines until he’s watched the tapes. His sidekick Sportsby never opines until he’s sure he’s right (which means he waits to hear what State Champ has to say then essentially agrees […]

SchnellSpeak: 09.22.09

Still calculating his Florida Atlantic team’s performance last weekend at South Carolina, Accountant Schnell seemed perplexed that the Gamecocks were minus 8 yards in punt returns: “You don’t usually get a gross that is higher than the net.” Net Net Schnell declared a minor victory: “We won in punting and kicking.” Actuarial Schnell looked ahead […]

Quote of the Weekend

Overheard at Commonwealth Stadium before the game was this observation by one Big Blue fan to another: “We’re gonna score like it’s midnight at Porcini’s.” – Seedy K

SchnellSpeak: 09.21.09

Florida Atlantic was nudged yet again on the road, this Saturday past at South Carolina, 16-38. Coach Take ‘Em To The Woodshed was not happy: “I told the kids we have to go back and learn how to play football. And we’ve got to learn how to play it fast.” The Schnell’s Fighting Owls were […]

Blue Sunday: The Morning After

My favorite pre-game take on the Governor’s Cup battle came from a rabbi at one of the local synagogues. Yesterday was Rosh Hashonah, the first full day of the Jewish High Holidays. Kidding both Cardinal and Cat fans in his congregation, he mentioned how both have always wanted their teams to play on New Year’s […]

SchnellSpeak: 09.19.09 (Game Day)

Coach Voice’s Fighting Owls head up to Cock Country to face Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina squad. Recalling a 6-45 beatdown to the Gamecocks three years ago and its effect on him and his then frosh QB Rusty Smith, Casablanca Schnell says: “That game was certainly a shock to him and to me. I didn’t think […]