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Tale of Two Cities

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. Oh, Ms. Walston would be so proud. I actually remember and can paraphrase some Dickens. The cities: Louisville and Lexington. The best/ worst (depending in which city you reside): Rick Pitino’s reputation and John Calipari’s reputation. The newspapers in Lexington and Memphis have […]

The Soap Opera Moves Back To Lexington

Alrighty then. The spotlight which has been aimed at U of L hoops for weeks because of the Pitino/ Sypher situation is now pointed down the road. Is this today’s episode of “As The World Turns?” If the early reports are correct, Memphis State is going to have to forfeit all of its wins from […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.20.09

A behemoth named Josh Savidge is the only senior on Coach Cupid’s defensive line. So Savidge has been the holler guy. He’s taking charge on that side of the ball and has emerged as the unit’s leader. It didn’t take the Schnell many words to describe his feelings: “It is a match made in heaven.” […]

‘Mardo Makin’ The Grade

Revised 8/20/09 10:16 am The John Wooden Award is college’ hoops most coveted trophy for an individual player. It’s All America team also one of the more highly respected. Samardo Samuels is one of 50 players on the pre-season watch list. Only 13 sophomores made the cut. He’s among eleven Big East ballers being watched. […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.17.09

Ho hum. After Saturday’s scrimmage, today was simply another pre-season morning and afternoon with three 90 minute practices in the heat and humidity for the FAU Fighting Owls. Coach Focus was still lauding his defense. “The defense challenged the offense and it was a duel. One answered the challenge. “They are playing with enthusiasm and […]

Best Nicknames of All Time

One thing we can argue about in sports is whether today’s players are better than those from yesteryear. One guy’s opinion is that modern athletes are stronger, fitter and faster than the old timers. Whether they are more talented as a whole is something that can be debated forever without resolution. But one thing that’s […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.19.09

On Friday, Coach Old School’s Fighting Owls had their first taste this pre-season of three a days. Here’s what Coach If At First You Don’t Succeed Try & Try Again had to say: “I was happy with what happened out here this afternoon. The two morning practices were ordinary to some degree.” His troops displayed […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.15.09

Does Howard Schnellenberger love his running back Alfred Morris? Well Coach Of Many Words almost runs out of superlatives. Uh, almost. “He is the most complete running back we have had. Big enough to take on linebackers or defensive linemen when our pass protection puts him in that situation, big enough to splatter a defensive […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.13.09 (Take 2)

Howard Schnellenberger has gone old school. Three a days in the south Florida heat and humidity. Bear Bryant is looking down with a big ol’ grin on his face. Schnell’s Fighting Owls put on pads for the first time today. The players partook of drills which are the equivalent of, oh, trench warfare. Ultimate fighting […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.13.09

Last year Coach Who Loves The Big Battle opened the season with Big 12 power Texas. He famously called the Longhorns “soft” before the game. The Fighting Owls were gored by 6 touchdowns. 52-10 was the final tally. Schnellenberger seems to have learned his lesson. This year’s campaign commences for FAU in Lincoln, Nebraska with […]