Gillispie & UK

Billy Clyde Gillispie has apparently been booked and charged with DUI in rural Kentucky. I have no intention of commenting on that, which is a personal matter.

What I do wonder about is this? He’s filed a lawsuit against UK in Federal Court in Texas. For jurisdictional purposes, he claims that he’s a resident of the Lone Star state. So, what’s he doing driving the back roads of the commonwealth in the middle of the night months after the suit was filed? And being spotted around the Bluegrass fairly regularly since his reign as head Wildcat ended?

All of which kind of confirms what I thought when his attorney first filed the suit in Texas. He’s forum shopping. Not that it isn’t done all the time, mind you, but it seems pretty blatant here. He figures, probably correctly, that he’ll get a fairer shake against UK in a Texas court than he will in a Kentucky court.

Anyway, one can only hope, as we do for all the sports personalities who are part of the tradition of the teams we love, that he gets his life in order and gets back to coaching. Which he does pretty darn well, his UK experience notwithstanding.

– Seedy K

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