A Pissed Rick Disses Media

i’m not sure what to make of Rick Pitino’s press conference this August Wednesday afternoon. It was obviously called in response to televised publication of tapes of Karen Sypher’s interview with Louisville police.

Pitino is pissed. That was obvious. The thrust of his comments, which seemed to come from a place of mounting frustration over the publicity of his tryst and its ongoing aftermath, were aimed at the local and national media.

He had a captive audience. Every regional reporter and camera person — print, TV, radio, online, sports side, news side, every side — was present. Every heavy hitter but Darryl Isaacs was jammed in the Yum Center media room. “This brought out the whole gang,” observed one in attendance.

His opening aside on his way to the lectern: “Those who think I’m resigning will be disappointed.”

The coach reiterated several times that all the statements by Sypher, accused in federal criminal court of extortion and lying to FBI, are “lies.”

Other than chastising the media and indicating that he was doing it to protect his family, there was little said about basketball. Other than Pitino’s statement that he intends to continue to coach, he was adamant that the adverse publicity has not in any way adversely affected recruiting.

Basketball spokesperson Kenny Klein advised that the schedule for the upcoming season probably won’t come out until the first or second week of September. The hold up is the conference slate which has not yet been completely formulated by the Big East.

I’m still not sure why somebody who surely would like for this whole matter to be resolved and put to bed called a press conference to scold the media, which for the most part has been extremely deferential to him throughout this whole sordid affair.

– Seedy K

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