Burke At QB By Default????

Koach Steve wouldn’t tip his hand Saturday after Louisville’s final scrimmage before its opener in two weeks against Indiana State. Which confirms what many have thought all along.

Which is that his predisposition has been to tab the JUCO from Cali, Adam Froman, as his man. But Froman’s been dinged up apparently. So Justin Burke, the Lexington kid who transfered from NC State, has been taking the snaps with the first team. Burke apparently looked good in the role Saturday evening.

(I didn’t make it to the scrimmage, attending the U of L field hockey practice game with IU instead. At least until it rained during half time. My sister in law was one of the refs, and, well, you know how that works.)

Anyway, my sources indicate that Kragthorpe is being forced by circumstance to name Burke the starter. And that he will do so in the next 48 hours or so.

My impressions from media day: Burke is a more intelligent individual and seemed to express a greater grasp of the system than his rival for the job. Froman is cockier, and while probably less consistent might be a better big playmaker. This is just a surmise however. Because of other obligations and responsibilities, I have not been able to attend any practices since the first and am relying on observation of the players’ personalities and info from sources within the program.

My sense is that QB will not be a trouble spot for the Cards. The major concerns would appear on the other side of the ball. The DL and secondary are undergoing major overhauls with lots of new faces and the third new system in three years.

The Cards will need to put a lot of points on the board in some games, just to stay competitive.

– Seedy K

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