Monthly Archives: August 2009

Notes From Kragthrope’s Monday Presser

Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe was extremely buoyant during his first weekly press conference of the season. “Our guys are ready to play. “The team is cohesive. “If we stay healthy we’ll have a good team.” And therein lies the rub. Especially on the defensive side of the ball where the Cards are mighty thin. […]

A Positive Hoops Interlude Before Pigskin

A poster named madvillecard posted this at Given all the negativitude we’ve been dealing with lately regarding hoops in the commonwealth, I thought I’d share this blast from more halcyon times. Enjoy: Those were the days, my friends, those were the days. – Seedy K

SchnellSpeak: 08.31.09

Because he’s the literary genius that he is, Howard Schnellenberger understands that often less is more. That at times brevity resonates better than profundity. That pontification needs give way to succinctness every once in awhile. Yesterday was such a day. Schnell Of Few Words said what every football fan wants to hear this time of […]

Gillispie & UK

Billy Clyde Gillispie has apparently been booked and charged with DUI in rural Kentucky. I have no intention of commenting on that, which is a personal matter. What I do wonder about is this? He’s filed a lawsuit against UK in Federal Court in Texas. For jurisdictional purposes, he claims that he’s a resident of […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.27.09

The season is drawing nigh. Which means The Schnell is fine tuning his game as well as that of his Fighting Owls. Florida Atlantic opens with Nebraska, if you recall. So mid practice, Schnellenberger had his troops switch from general pre-season stuff to specifics for the Huskers. It was Literary Schnell who explained the purpose […]

A Pissed Rick Disses Media

i’m not sure what to make of Rick Pitino’s press conference this August Wednesday afternoon. It was obviously called in response to televised publication of tapes of Karen Sypher’s interview with Louisville police. Pitino is pissed. That was obvious. The thrust of his comments, which seemed to come from a place of mounting frustration over […]

The Rick Speaks

Rick Pitino will have a press conference within the hour — 3:00 pm EDT. No reason was mentioned in the notice to the media. – Seedy K

Justin Burke’s Long & Winding Road

Two redshirt years and a throw away season along Tobacco Road since he was named the best prep pigskinner in the state for his work at LexCath, Justin Burke will be back under center. This time he’ll be wearing a real red uni as Louisville’s starting signal caller. I’m told that Burke would have loved […]

Burke At QB By Default????

Koach Steve wouldn’t tip his hand Saturday after Louisville’s final scrimmage before its opener in two weeks against Indiana State. Which confirms what many have thought all along. Which is that his predisposition has been to tab the JUCO from Cali, Adam Froman, as his man. But Froman’s been dinged up apparently. So Justin Burke, […]

SchnellSpeak: 08.23.09

On Saturday, Howard Schnellenberger ran his Fighting Owls through a 108 play scrimmage. Sometimes a Leader needs to do nothing but proclaim. So the Schnell expressed his pleasure with what his constituents displayed. “Today was a good day for Florida Atlantic football.” Let it be said. Let it be so. This was in stark contrast […]