SEC es mas macho!

Let me try to get my hands around this significant statistic: 900+ media credentials were issued for SEC pigskin Media Days. Which football fun fest went on for three days.

Too much testosterone for a single day, one supposes.

Which attention focused in on two issues that have leapfrogged the health care crisis and race relation discussions in the minds of Americans.

Which scumdog coach didn’t vote for Florida’s Tim Tebow as first team pre-season all-conference QB?

More important, is Tebow, a former Heisman winner and QB for the reigning BCS champs, still virgio intacto?

So serious was Question #1 that Steve Spurrier, an ol’ ballcoach who never passes up the opportunity for a pithy quip, whatever the topic, spent fifteen minutes seriously explaining how the slight to Tebow was negligently his fault. Spurrier and mea culpa aren’t usually thought of in tandem. We’re talking serious gravitas here, football fans.

So absurd is the second “controversy” — Tebow’s sexual status — that I shan’t even address it. Except to say that the reporter who actually asked the Gator signal caller the question really needs to find some terra firma on which to land.

Anyway, the Southeastern Conference, flush with TV $$$$ out the wazoo, home of recent BCS champions, where football is religion and Saturday is the real sabbath, is on top of the collegiate athletic world.

– Seedy K


  1. the one democrat in the sec
    Posted July 26, 2009 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

    While I do agree that the amount of coverage which the media devotes to gravely important subjects is shameful and I sincerely did not give a flying damn about the death of Michael Jackson 20 minutes after it happened, I sincerely feel that you are being a hipster, douche bag about the SEC. Maybe I am misinformed here, but following the President’s press conference during the week, were there any earth-shattering media revelations regarding either of the subjects which you mentioned? On Saturday, the Congressional Budget Office merely echoed the President’s previous statements regarding healthcare and his weekly radio and internet address aired as usual. On Sunday, the New York Times headline was that Congress still, believe it or not, disagrees about the Health Reform Bill. Furthermore, anyone who cares about the aforementioned topics already knows about them and is researching them on Huffington Post as I type this. I am a tremendous Obama supporter but too much reporting of the same story is overkill. I believe this fact was the premise for your article. I am sorry, but I actually care about both politics and SEC football because they both pertain to me personally and I want to be informed. There aren’t enough words to describe how much of a crap I don’t give about the Mennonite family of missing, limbless children in North Dakota or the other countless, mind-numbing, bullcrap stories that the media throws at the general public to keep them from changing the channel but come on, little fella. The bottom line is that, while there are many stores that should not ever be considered news, this does not include SEC football. You recognize yourself it is a religion in the South, so you should not be surprised at this reaction. So maybe you should brush your greasy, man-bangs up out of your apathetically half-closed eyes while you are editing and realize that the only reason you are hating on football so much is because they have somehow managed to find a pair of pants tighter than yours. Oh, and as for the severely overused Latin littering your article maybe you should borrow a little advice from the Greeks and practice the saying “meden agan.” If you don’t know that translation, feel free to look it up in any one of our fine SEC libraries. But, whatever man, I mean, Greek was so last week.

  2. Seedy K
    Posted July 26, 2009 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

    All I can say is: that’s my favorite comment of all time.

    Thanks for weighin’ in, dude.

    Come back any time.

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