SchnellSpeak: 07.23.09

Seems as if our boy Howard Schnellenberger has been trying from the get go to get himself an on-campus football stadium built at Florida Atlantic.

Like he tried to do at Miami. But failed.

Like he did at Louisville. After he left.

On Wednesday, the FAU Board of Directors approved funding for some sort of project called Innovation Village in conjunction with a group called Crocker Partners. This is somehow tied into a new home for Schnell’s Fighting Owl pigskinners. But is seen by most observers as a delay of Coach’s pet construction project. (Excuse me for the pithy reference. But it sounds kinda like how a project called Fourth Street Live in conjunction with a group called Cordish is supposed to revitalize downtown Louisville.)

Anyway most FAU football fans see the recent BOD inaction as yet another delay for the stadium, which Schnell hopes to have completed for kickoff of the 2010 season.

But not our Man.

Who popped up but Schnell the Eternal Optimist! When asked about the project, Coach was at his pontificatory best:

“The ball is rolling, and it’s unstoppable.”

– Seedy K

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  1. Go Owls!
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    A couple corrections/explanations:

    1) FAU has a Board of Trustees (BOT), not a Board of Directors (BOD). Same concept in theory, different name in practice.

    2) The Innovation Village concept is more than just a 30k seat football stadium. It also includes 2400 student beds (four dormitory buildings), 2 parking garages with retail space on the first floor (for restaurants, dry cleaners, medical service, bowling alley, etc) and eventually Greek housing and a 7-10k seat basketball arena/convocation center to replace the smaller current arena.

    3) Most FAU fans do not see this as inaction. Check the message board at Although we had hoped it would be done in time for 2010, we understand that they want to do it right and honestly we are just relieved that it will finally be built. After years of waiting, slogging through meetings debating a dome or no dome, 40k versus 20k and so on… it will finally be built. That is what matters most to us.

    4) The stadium is expected to open in Fall 2011. Unless the schedule changes, FAU will open up against a conference opponent (University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks) in October 2011.

    Hope that helps!

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