Monthly Archives: July 2009

Only 34 Days Until Kickoff

Local football announcer Doug James is at the grocery as we speak — “Sorry, boss, I, uh, had an important, uh, family matter to attend to, yeah that’s right, serious stuff, but, uh, everything’s fine now.” He’s stocking up on brats and brewski. College pigskin kicks off in 34 days. (Actually 27 if you plan […]

SchnellSpeak: 07.30.09

Finally, The Man They Call The Voice speaks. After his initial public outburst the other day, then several days of . . . nothing, I was frankly having withdrawal symptoms. Headaches. Sweats. Numbness in my extremeties. Lower back pain. Neuritis. Neuralgia. Did I mention lower back pain? Anyhow, I finally tracked down a bon mot […]

Kentucky’s Greatest Coaches of All Time

Sporting News just published its list of America’s greatest sports coaches of all time. It includes the usual suspects at the top — Wooden, Lombardi, Bryant — and no stunning surprises. Such lists are just the type of exercise fans love to argue about. Let’s get one goin’, eh? Soooooooooo, I got to thinking: What […]

The Greg Brohm Situation

Any number of folks have emailed me asking what I know about Greg Brohm’s removal as Director of Football Operations at U of L? He remains at U of L, with some publicly undefined duties in the athletic department. Bottom line is I have no insider info on this at all. I’ve written previously about […]

I Stand Corrected

I am advised by U of L Assistant SID Rocco Gasparro that I passed along incorrect information in a previous post — “Time Out Early For U of L Pigskinners” — regarding U of L football practice days between the Indiana State and UK games. Gasparro writes: “I read your column and your information is […]

Time Off Early For U of L Pigskinners

We’ve all heard the Mark Richt quote, right? Essentially the Georgia coach was praising Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino. He did it by noting the success of U of L football while Petrino was coaching here, and comparing that to how the Cards have fallen off the map after BP left. Things are different indeed. One of […]

Not exactly SchnellSpeak: Bernie Kosar Today

There’s a quote from our main man Howard Schnellenberger is this stunning Dan Le Batard article about what’s happening to Bernie Kosar today. There’s no reason to separate out the SchnellSpeak; it would lose context. You can read the whole story here. As we gear up for football, a sport many of us love, remember, […]

SEC es mas macho!

Let me try to get my hands around this significant statistic: 900+ media credentials were issued for SEC pigskin Media Days. Which football fun fest went on for three days. Too much testosterone for a single day, one supposes. Which attention focused in on two issues that have leapfrogged the health care crisis and race […]

Mont Ventoux — Most Difficult Challenge In Sports?

I’m not sure I can really get a handle on the level of fitness it takes to race 13 miles up a serious incline. After competitively riding over a hundred miles a day for just about all of the last three weeks. Mouth agape, I watched this morning’s climb up Mont Ventoux in the last […]

SchnellSpeak: 07.23.09

Seems as if our boy Howard Schnellenberger has been trying from the get go to get himself an on-campus football stadium built at Florida Atlantic. Like he tried to do at Miami. But failed. Like he did at Louisville. After he left. On Wednesday, the FAU Board of Directors approved funding for some sort of […]