Monthly Archives: June 2009

Right Timing, Wrong Guy

Southern Cal has hired Kevin O’Neill as its next head basketball coach. Which means my formerly reliable source in LA LA Land was correct that somebody would be hired by the weekend. But wrong as to who would be named. It happens. Reggie Theus still be lookin’ for his next gig. O’Neill was most recently […]

Getting Closer — Trojan Theus

I guess if you were in for punnery you could say Reggie was going to be SoCal’s Homeric boy. Get it? Trojans. Southern California. Homer, you know the famous Greek author? The Odyssey. The Iliad. Anyhow, as I reported here two days ago, former Louisville assistant Reggie Theus — a good looking lad, talented baller, […]

Why does U of L want Mo’ Money?

In today’s Sporting News Today, there’s a list of the colleges with the highest revenues from football and basketball in the ’07-’08 seasons. Perched high atop the list of hoops money makers is the University of Louisville, which had revenues of $23,500,000+. A distant second: North Carolina with revenues of $17.8 million +. Which, if […]

My First Baseball Phenom

With MLB’s annual draft just completed, and yet another “sure-fire” fireballer picked first, there’s plenty of talk around about previous “sure-fire” phenoms who fizzled. Which made me think of Von McDaniel, the phenom of ’57. St. Louis signed the kid right out of high school. Von’s older brother Lindy was already on the staff. Pat […]

College Football Playoff on the Horizon???

Buried in the sports news last week was this item you may have glossed over. Starting with the 2011 Rose Bowl, all BCS games will be on ESPN. Which in and of itself is of only mild interest to most sports fans. And of some concern to the remaining 128 American sports fans without cable […]

Theus a Trojan?

A source who may have some inside knowledge tells me that Southern Cal AD Mike Garrett will seriously consider former U of L assistant Reggie Theus to replace Tim Floyd. The consensus seems to be that Jamie Dixon is the school’s first choice, though I have no confirmation of that. My guy says Garrett has […]

Favre to play again, if . . .

. . . his arm won’t fall off when he tries to throw an out pattern during the first Vikings mini camp after doctors allow Brett to throw. Sources advise Favre’s mind is made up that he’ll play again. As long as he has a reasonable chance of performing at a decent level. Meaning he […]

Meeks to Calipari: “I’m outtahere!”

Several sources have advised that Jodie Meeks decision to stay in the NBA draft blindsided John Calipari. I’m told Coach Cal had limited communication with Meeks and his family prior to the decision, but that UK’s latest savior was led to believe that Meeks was leaning toward coming back for a final season in Rupp. […]

Let the Doldrums Begin

With the end of the NBA playoffs, as woefully noncompelling as the Finals were, the hiring of Ralph Willard and Jodie Meeks’ announcement that he’s not coming back to Lexington, Hoopsylvania’s long hot summer has officially begun. How many days until October 15? I would have liked to have seen Meeks back next season in […]

Yankees/ Red Sox — Now this is $$$$$$

Stateside, baseball’s biggest rivals — New York and Boston — have been notorious for throwing good money after bad to get the slightest advantage over, well, New York and Boston. The Red Sox seem to have been making the wiser use of their load of Benjamins in the last few years. The money these guys […]