E5, TWill & Jodie: The Future

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Imagine my surprise. The Film Babe and I are sitting in a hotel room after dinner with friends in Chicago last Thursday. I turn on the draft to check on how the local trio fared.

My sweetie says, “This is kind of fun to watch.” Of course she’s got a crush on Jay Bilas, a character flaw I’ve chosen to ignore as best I can in the name of matrimonial harmony. So we cringed every time Stuart Scott opened his yap.

And watched the scroll and my Detroit Pistons finally pick a potential star in Chase Budinger. (Of course, the Man Who Drafted Darko then proceeded to trade CB to Houston for, uh, I dunno.) Before I get to the locals, I’ve got to decry the Pistons’ selection of Austin Daye. This guy is softer than DQ on hot pavement. DaJuan Summers ain’t a bad choice. Except that Sam Young was still available. Sigh.

As for the local threesome, I don’t know I have much to add to the millions of thoughts already expressed. Both former Cardinals have a major chance to excel if they remain steadfast in improving their games. Earl Clark obviously has the most upside. His defensive instincts are impeccable. He’s long. He can be an All-Star.

I see Terrence Williams turning into Bruce Bowen. A lock down defender. A periodic scorer of big baskets. Always in the game. And he’s going to be a major PR plus in Jersey and surrounding areas. If they ever move to Brooklyn, the guy could own the borough.

Jodie Meeks should have stayed another year at UK and worked on some little things. Rare is the player who can stay in the league just because he puts the ball in the basket. Guys like Stephen Curry’s dad are a rare breed.

Other random thoughts: Ricky Rubio is the closest thing I’ve seen to Pistol Pete. James Harden has to prove he’s worth it. He never played worth a damn when I saw him. Ditto: Jordan Hill, who wasn’t even in the gym when Arizona was blasted by Louisville.

And Cleveland trading for Shaq is easily one of the stupidest player maneuvers I can recall. More is less. He’ll do nothing but clog the lane which will impede LeBron’s game. The Cavs have played the name game, and it’s gonna backfire.

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted June 30, 2009 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    Sorry, but Pistol Pete could pass AND shoot.

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