Sunday Check In

Okay, okay, okay . . . so I forgot to put up the “Out to Lunch” sign. My bad.

To all those who inquired where I was and why I hadn’t weighed in on the draft, the death of Mr. October — oops, nevermind, Reggie Jackson didn’t just pass; it’s Michael Jackson who dove too deeply into the medicine cabinet — the US of A’s come from ahead loss to Brazil and various & sundry other sports shenanigans, thanks for your concern.

The truth: I was in Chicago for a wedding with no tickets to the Cubs/ White Sox crosstown smackdown. I bought a Trib every morning but before I could get past the Jacko stuff to the sports page, my crew was on the road for another Original House of Pancakes breakfast feast. And, no, I actually went without my laptop, and closed my eyes when walking by an internet cafe.

But here’s the big battle of next couple of years: Mayor Richard Daley vs. The International Olympic Committee. It’s gonna be a beaut. It’s a pick em bet on the board, but those Daley’s don’t lose a lot. Did Pop cover in ’68 during the Dems convention? You betcha. Shoulda taken the over on that one.

So, I’m gonna digest the papers. Catch up on all the news. Read my emails. Garner an opinion and get back to ya.

Now I gotta unpack.

– Seedy K

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