College Football Playoff on the Horizon???

Buried in the sports news last week was this item you may have glossed over. Starting with the 2011 Rose Bowl, all BCS games will be on ESPN. Which in and of itself is of only mild interest to most sports fans. And of some concern to the remaining 128 American sports fans without cable or a dish who will have to go to a bar or their neighbor’s to watch the games.

I have been of the opinion for some time now, since ESPN started harvesting the college football bowl season as its own private domain, that this is the one movement that will provoke an actual college football playoff in the future.

After reading the following statement, I believe it now more than ever. These are the words of John Wildhack, ESPN’s executive veep in charge of programming and acquisitions:

“Having all BCS matchups on one home, especially within ESPN’s year-round college football environment, is the very best scenario. Fans will welcome ESPN’s all-encompassing approach, and the additional opportunities and value resulting from our multi-platform presentation will benefit the college football community and our business partners.”

I know I’m reading between the lines, but what I see is this. The power broker ESPN sitting down with all the parties and convincing them, using both logic and intimidation, that everybody will make more — lots more — money with a playoff. Which is not to even mention that the public will be satisfied. Nor that there will be, for the first time ever in the sport, a legitimate national champion.

Remember where you read it first.

– Seedy K

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