Let the Doldrums Begin

With the end of the NBA playoffs, as woefully noncompelling as the Finals were, the hiring of Ralph Willard and Jodie Meeks’ announcement that he’s not coming back to Lexington, Hoopsylvania’s long hot summer has officially begun.

How many days until October 15?

I would have liked to have seen Meeks back next season in Big Blue. It would have presented intriguing possibilities for Coach Cal’s first season. UK’s potential to go “all the way” is certainly diminished by his absence. But, in the long run, more moderate expectations might be healthier for the Bluegrass. A loss, or perhaps even two, should now be tolerated by the faithful before For Sale signs start showing up on John Calipari’s lawn.

From Meeks standpoint, I haven’t the slightest idea whether it’s good or bad? Does he have assurances? Will he make enough money either stateside or abroad to make it worth his while. Is he ready for prime time? Was there something untoward going on at UK besides his faltering relationship with Billy Clyde?

I certainly wish him well. You can never fault somebody for following the Benjamins.

Kobe finally won his title without another superstar on the squad. Big whoop.

Phil Jackson won his 10th. Good for him. To his credit, he’s being gracious toward Red Auerbach, whose record he just broke. Word is that the relationship between pro ball’s two most successful coaches was more than a bit testy when Red was still alive.

My only lingering question from the playoffs remains whether that blonde ingenue sitting next to Jack Nicholson is his granddaughter or his date?

As for the Willard hire, I feel the same way I did before Friday’s press conference. It’s a good hire. It gives The Rick an experienced voice on the bench and in the strategy room. It also gives him another close friend as part of his local posse. Plus, Pitino pointed out that he considers Willard an excellent judge of talent and potential, which will be a big help recruiting. The Rick has been doing all the selling himself anyway.

So, with all that done, it’s time to get outside, recreate, hang with the kids and significant other, go to a concert in the park, head to Polly Freeze, etc, etc.

We could even, if we’re really healthy, give ourselves a break from the message boards . . . Nahhhhh!

– Seedy K

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