Yankees/ Red Sox — Now this is $$$$$$

Stateside, baseball’s biggest rivals — New York and Boston — have been notorious for throwing good money after bad to get the slightest advantage over, well, New York and Boston. The Red Sox seem to have been making the wiser use of their load of Benjamins in the last few years.

The money these guys spend is, to be frank, obscene. Only the Dodgers, Mets and perhaps the Braves and Cardinals try to keep up even a little bit.

I know you could care less about soccer, but did you notice what Spanish power, Real Madrid, spent this week on two players? As transfer fees no less. Which means this is simply the money they paid the two kickers’ present teams for the rights to sign them to contracts.

Sittin’ down? The number is $228 million.


Today it was reported Real Madrid will pay Manchester United $132 million for the rights to Cristiano Ronaldo. Last week they paid $97 million for Kaka.

This is in addition to the double figure per season salaries these players will get for their services.

While I’m no expert, I surmise the reason for these outlandish expenditures is that Real Madrid’s arch rival, F.C. Barcelona, just won the Champions League title.

– Seedy K

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