Monthly Archives: June 2009

UK Leaving SEC

There is a truly astounding story about to break regarding UK basketball. It is way bigger than Coach Cal’s 1st 90 days. Even bigger than Xavier Henry as a possibility in Wildcat Blue. Even bigger than UK vs. Duke next year at Freedom Hall. It will change the course of basketball in America forever and […]

Lance Stephenson to Cincy

So it is now being reported. The Bearcat Nation’s gonna learn how hot it is under that microscope. – Seedy K

E5, TWill & Jodie: The Future

Corrected 6/30 6:13 am Imagine my surprise. The Film Babe and I are sitting in a hotel room after dinner with friends in Chicago last Thursday. I turn on the draft to check on how the local trio fared. My sweetie says, “This is kind of fun to watch.” Of course she’s got a crush […]

Kragthorpe Still Not Nominated

A fellow Cardinal fan suggested today that Koach Steve’s latest misstep — failing to show up for a high school coaching clinic where the assembled were awaiting his arrival — makes the U of L mentor eligible for the No Show Hall of Fame. My friend argued that Kragthorpe hasn’t shown up on the sideline. […]

Sunday Check In

Okay, okay, okay . . . so I forgot to put up the “Out to Lunch” sign. My bad. To all those who inquired where I was and why I hadn’t weighed in on the draft, the death of Mr. October — oops, nevermind, Reggie Jackson didn’t just pass; it’s Michael Jackson who dove too […]

The Rajon Rondo Riddle

Understand from the get go: I pay close attention to the NBA only during the playoffs. After college hoops is gone for the season. I do pay mild attention to the draft because the nature of the game. With only five players on the floor at a time — if you don’t count the zebras […]

Bromance Bloomin’ with Earl

Somebody loves E5. Besides me, that is. That red and white Mini Cooper of mine remains forever and always named “Earl.” And we know who the new lover is. Check out what’s Henry Abbott has to say former Cardinal Earl Clark in this adoring piece. You can find it here. – Seedy K

One & Done should be None & Done

Revised 6/23 10:15 am Word now is that Isiah Thomas and Florida International no longer have prep pariah Lance Stephenson in their sights. As smarmy as the whole situation surrounding this NYC wunderkind is, he and his whattayagotforus parents shouldn’t be worrying about if the kid is going to¬† be ballin’ anywhere in the States […]

Woe is We, Woods didn’t Win

But hey, we run his picture anyway, because that’s what we do with sports these days: Show the Stars! Frankly I could care less about golf. Especially watching golf on TV. Except, of course, for the majors. Which I watch because I’m a sports fan. And because I need to keep this blog breathing until […]

Hoopdom’s Current Strangest Bedfellows

Wiseguy Peter Vecsey in the New York Post reports that prep pariah Lance Stephenson spent a recent weekend at, of all places, Florida International. You know, the kid that every school has backed away from as if he carries both AIDS and Ebola Virus. Add the Swine Flu too. You know, the school where Isiah […]