Monthly Archives: May 2009

Microscope on Memphis State

Welllllllllllllll now, isn’t this an interesting turn of events? Seems that Memphis State has known since January 16 that it was under investigations for major violations in John Calipari’s basketball program. The charges seem to concern the claim that a Memphis player had somebody else take his SAT test for him, and that the school […]

The Pucks You’re Missing

There are probably fewer of you watching the Red Wings and Black Hawks than watched this afternoon’s soccer championship. Just to advise you’re missing a good one. Detroit’s leading the series 3-1, but tonight’s game is tied at 1 going into OT. Both goalkeepers — Detroit’s Chris Osgood and Chitown’s Cristobal Huet — have been […]

A Shot Across The Bow

By now, every human being older than three months knows that former UK hoops coach Billy Clyde Gillispie has filed a Federal lawsuit in Texas. He claims that defendant UK Athletic Association owes him millions for fraud and breach of contract and “termination without cause.” Gillispie’s attorney is basing his case on the supposition that […]

Barca 2, Man U Nil

Manchester United, defending Champions League champion, was undefeated in 25 consecutive Champions League matches. But, as Derek Rae would say, “It was not to be.” The Catalans controlled the match for the last 80 minutes. Oh, you know what . . . you don’t care. And, what am I going to do, keep on reciting […]

Champions League Report, Part I

First of all, don’t freak. It’s not like I’m going to be giving you up to the minute updates from Rome on the Champions League title match between Barcelona and Manchester United. One, I’m not that astute an observer of soccer. Two, my interest isn’t that great, piqued mostly because I was able to buy […]

This is Why . . .

Revised 5/27 5:09 p.m. (Because a couple alert readers advise that I’d misspelled Kobe’s name. Geesh, picky, picky, picky. It was late. I was pissed.) . . . we only watch the NBA after the college season is over. Orlando and Cleveland are in OT. Which in real life would be a felony, given that […]

Easy Chair Tuesday Night

Well, the deal in Orlando seems to be that Mo Williams has made some promises his teammates are trying to keep. To remind you, he more or less guaranteed a Cleveland win in the series. Backing him up are guys like Daniel Gibson who just came off the bench and canned a couple treys at […]

Yet Another Cardinal Sporting Achievement

Though you’d never know it from this morning’s Courier-Journal, Former U of L distance runner Wesley Korir won the Los Angeles Marathon. And, his time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 24 seconds was not only his personal best, but a course record. That’s an average of 4:53:9 per mile. Smokin’. According to the Sporting […]

‘Cuse Catches Cornell in ‘Crosse

I shall not pretend to be any sort of expert on lacrosse. One of the things I do know is, despite the failure of our local newspaper to chronicle the NCAA title game in its TV listings, that it’s traditionally played on Memorial Day. I also know it’s a nifty sport to watch, especially when […]

U of L Hoops Report

Don’t get too excited. The word today is that, surprisingly, there’s nary a word. I kinda just wanted to remind one and all that, in the wake of events down the road, U of L has not shut down its hoops program. The second major curiosity of this most titillating off season for the Cardinals […]