Saturday Night Recliner, Part II

Okay, so I was wrong, really wrong about the whole LeBron thing. I said they’d call enough fouls against Orlando to make sure Cleveland made it to the Finals against LA LA. Wellllllll, it’s gonna stink worse than the Outer Loop landfill if the LeBrons prevail. The Magic are up 21 with less than 10:00 to play in the 4th quarter.

Detroit is looking good in the Stanley Cup opener. The Red Wings are up 3-1 with less than 3:00 minutes to play. They’ve held Pittsburgh’s dynamic duo of Crosby and Malkin in check the whole night.

And, because my posts tonight are about as compelling as a Kevin Costner drama — Read: Boring, really really Boring — I’m gonna call it a night before you start asking yourself, “Why is it again that I read this guy?”

Unless, of course, LeBron hits 25 FTs to secure a Cleveland W. In which case, I’ll be back with the most paranoid conspiracy rant since the Warren Commission report was released.

– Seedy K

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