Saturday Night Recliner, Part I

Louisville’s Cardinals are down 0-2 early to Middle Tennessee out at Patterson Field.

Due to several circumstances — all legit — I didn’t make it out to the ballyard. Okay, I’m feeling more than a little guilty, but sometimes real life imposes itself. Like staying home with the Film Babe, picking up stepson at the airport, etc, etc. Besides Sean Moth on 1570 AM is a truly outstanding baseball announcer. Especially since he has no sidekick to give him a break from the mic periodically.

Besides there’s the b-ball game starting in a bit. Do you believe in Magic?

And the Red Wings and Penguins have commenced Tussle #1 in the Stanley Cup Finals at the Joe. There’s no score early.

The game thankfully is on WAVE HD. But that does bring up a lament. The C-J, in yet another of what seems like an increasing number of gaffes, lists it as being on Versus. This just days after the paper totally missed for a day the story that a former Cardinal runner, Wesley Korir, won the LA Marathon.

First, let me say this. The paper has some great reporters, good guys too, on the sports beat. Eric Crawford, Rick Bozich, C.L. Brown, C. Ray Hall, and Jody Demling, among others, are real professionals. The are dedicated. They do their best to do a real good job covering the Kentuckiana sports scene. But the editing mistakes, typos, omissions, etc, that have been creeping into the C-J for some time now just make me sad.

Hey, I know it happens. I mess up a lot myself. Hell, I misspelled Kobe’s first name just the other day. Not that it’s a legit excuse, but I’m just a plugger trying to carve a minuscule niche in the blogosphere. Not so long ago, the Courier-Journal was a truly great newspaper. Those guys I mentioned above deserve better support.

U of L just left a runner stranded at third in the top of the 7th. They still trail 1-2.

Detroit just scored in the first period, to take a 1-0 lead over Pittsburgh. The Penguins answered with a little over a minute left in the same stanza, to tie it at 1.

– Seedy K

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