Let’s Play 2

It’s a great day for a ballgame, or as Mr. Cub Ernie Banks famously intoned, “Let’s play two.”

I’m at Patterson Field for the NCAA baseball regional. The opener matches Vandy and cross-state rival, Middle Tennessee.

Louisville opens its quest to make it to Omaha at 7:00 this evening against IU.

It’s a slow arriving crowd since the home nine doesn’t take the diamond for another four hours. The place will be jammed though. My guess is that with the uptick in baseball interest, U of L officials are already thinking: Mo’ seats.

The press box is jammed to the gills. Actually since I’m with a weekly, and an internet site at that, I’m relegated to a seat in the stands. Not complain’, just explainin’.  But it does mean that my previous plan to provide periodic updates and observations — within NCAA guidelines and restrictions, of course — is now shelved. The truth is it will be impossible to blog from the stands. No room for my laptop, etc, etc. You might not care, but I’m bummed.

Sooooo, I’ll weigh in after U of L’s game with whatever insight I am able to provide.

I gotta tell ya, one thing about college baseball I’ve never gotten used to is the ping of the bat. I understand the economics of metal bats, but the crack of a wooden bat is one of the seminal sounds of America’s pastime. Anyway, enough of the old school crabbing, let’s play ball.

– Seedy K

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