A Modest Prediction

The LA LA Kobes are in the NBA Finals. (Or, actually, they will be soon enough. They’re up 16 with 9:30 to go.)

Which means that David Stern is in the middle of his wet dream and he’s halfway to climax.

So here’s my prediction for Game Six of the Eastern Division Finals. LeBron James will shoot an NBA playoff record number of free throws. Every time a Magic baller breathes on The Chosen One, he’ll get to go to the line. And then when he gets enough to get to Game Seven, he’ll get to shoot even more.

It’ll be the biggest hose job in basketball since Central played Anderson County in the semi finals of the 1971 State tournament. Anderson County’s star was Jimmy Dan Conner. Every time a Yellow Jacket looked at him, a foul was called. I mean, literally. Not figuratively. The zebras kept putting Jimmy Dan at the line until he scored enough to win the game. Male High had already won the other semi-final, and the powers that be, especially the refs, weren’t going to abide an all Jefferson County final.

Well, Orlando is going to have that feeling soon enough. You watch. There are simply too many commercials already in the can and on the air featuring The Chosen One and Basketball’s Favorite UnConvicted Sexual Predator.

The Cleveland LeBrons and LA LA Kobes will play in the NBA Finals

– Seedy K

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