Siegfried & Roy Alert

Tigers and Wildcats are restless here in the Heartland. It’s not a good thing. (Except for Lachlan’s radio ratings.) Where are those wild beast tamers when we really need them? Hiding out in Vegas?

Which means I have a few further thoughts on the Gillispie lawsuit, Memphis State investigation and John Wall criminal case. (And, no, I’ve got nothing further on the Karen Sypher situation, which, in light of yesterday’s Bad Day at Black Rock along the New Madrid fault line, is sooooo old news, gone but not totally forgot.)

Let’s look at the last one first. Even as a Cardinal fan, I don’t think this John Wall plea of guilty to a minor charge is any big deal. Wall’s a teenager — albeit a very famous and soon to be very rich one. He and some pals saw a vacant house and went in to explore. Nothing was taken apparently, no damage was done, no evidence of any illegal activity inside. In other words, teens were being teens. I did it. You did it. He got caught. We didn’t. This is a total fuhgettaboutit. Next.

I opined yesterday that I didn’t see how a Federal court in Texas would have any jurisdiction in the contract dispute between Billy Clyde and his former employer. I also said I didn’t think the Memorandum of Understanding to be a binding and enforceable agreement. Now I hedge. A bit.

Gillispie’s attorneys make a claim that UK interfered with his business relationship with Texas A & M, and that he signed that Memorandum of Understanding in the Lone Star state. They also claim Billy Clyde’s a Texas resident. That’s their ploy to have the Texas court assume jurisdiction. It shouldn’t work, but it may.

The more I hear about this situation the more it seems it will be settled. The more I hear about UK’s actions during Gillispie’s tenure, the more likely it seems that his claim of a binding agreement makes some legal sense. The other two claims — interference of a business relationship in Texas and diversity of citizenship — still sound like BS. There are Billy Clyde sightings in the commonwealth every day. He still owns his house here (which you can buy if you like). How could he be a Texas resident at this time?

As for the Memphis State infraction claims, I guess, first of all, we need to cancel Coach Cal’s fast track application for sainthood. At least for the time being.

Other than that, all I can say is that I’m shocked, I tell you, absolutely shocked that anybody might think that Calipari knew or was anyway involved in having somebody take Derrick Rose’s SAT for him. Or that he would have noticed that one of his player’s homies was traveling on the team plane to away games free of charge.

On the Wildcat side of this situation, I’ll simply reiterate the questions that are already being asked: What did Lee Todd and Mitch Barnhart know about these alleged infractions, and when did they know it?

– Seedy K

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