Meanwhile in the World of . . .

. . . Big Time College Football, a couple of interesting developments. One of which might not interest you in the least.

Three Big Eleven Schools — Michigan, Ohio State & Wisconsin — and you don’t get any more big time pigskin than they, have announced they will no longer be printing media guides. This cost-cutting measure will save these schools around a quarter of a mill a year. So they say.

My guess is these schools, like U of L, send these out to big donors as one of the perks for their absurd annual “voluntary donations.” Their main purpose however is to provide info and fodder to us media types. So that we can sound smarter than we really are when we pass info on to you readers.

This just seems so symbolic to me. Especially for this threesome who have full stadiums that generate tens of millions — literally — every football Saturday.

I’m sure all this pertinent and helpful info about our student athletes will be available online, which, even in this day and age, isn’t as accessible as a book at your fingertips when you’re trying to write a story. But we’ll survive.

There is simply something most bemusing about this to me. It’s such an odd thing to do.

Of more and legitimate concern to college football fans is the decision by the Coaches Football Poll to hide who votes for whom at the end of the season. Isn’t this poll a significant part of the BCS process? Yes. Which is why the BCS is really BS.

The media guide thing is of little consequence ultimately. That some team may make it or be eliminated from a big post season game because of a secret vote by Coach Bullhorn at Pigskin A & M with a bone to pick is just another example of how sullied the college football post-season is.

Playoffs anyone?

– Seedy K

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  1. gnash001
    Posted May 29, 2009 at 9:44 am | Permalink

    Every year, I get both a football and a basketball media guide from U of L, even though I haven’t bought football tickets in over ten years. I guess that’s why I’m only allowed to deduct eighty percent of my CAF donation on my tax returns.

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