Barca 2, Man U Nil

Manchester United, defending Champions League champion, was undefeated in 25 consecutive Champions League matches. But, as Derek Rae would say, “It was not to be.”

The Catalans controlled the match for the last 80 minutes.

Oh, you know what . . . you don’t care. And, what am I going to do, keep on reciting stats from a soccer website cheat sheet? What’s the point, right?

‘Zactly. Anyway, I gotta go to my closet now, root out that Barca jersey and don it.

Which means a couple of you along the way will give me the thumbs up, secure in the knowledge that we’re among very few here in Hoopsylvania that care in the least.

Barcelona this season won the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup and now are winners of “the most coveted trophy in European football.”

Trust me, my next post will be about something you care about.

– Seedy K

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