This is Why . . .

Revised 5/27 5:09 p.m. (Because a couple alert readers advise that I’d misspelled Kobe’s name. Geesh, picky, picky, picky. It was late. I was pissed.)

. . . we only watch the NBA after the college season is over.

Orlando and Cleveland are in OT. Which in real life would be a felony, given that the Magic were assaulted, mugged and robbed. Which may be duplicate charges, but compounding here is correct.

LeBron James drives to the basket, his team down two. (After an incredible Rashard Lewis turnaround trey on an inbounds play to give Orlando the lead.) The Chosen One puts a shoulder into the defender, knocking him to the hardwood. And, since he’s the star with the commercials already in place with Kobe for the Finals, he gets two free throws to tie the game, when federal marshals should be walking him out of the arena in cuffs.

On Orlando’s inbound play, Dwight Howard, a lesser star, gets hip checked into the second row on a possible game winning lob. No call. Overtime. The applicable NBA Rule 6.873: No decapitation, no foul.

David Stern, you should be ashamed. Very, very ashamed. You wanna know why fans — a lot of fans — think the games are fixed. this is why. We know you want the LeBrons vs. the Kobes in the Finals, but, geez, for heaven’s sakes, let them earn their way there fair and square.

Let the teams play on an even court. It’s a great game. People will watch even if the teams that are “supposed” to win, don’t.

What a crock!

Truth, Justice and the American Way prevail. The LeBrons lose 114-116 in OT. Orlando leads the series, 3-1.

– Seedy K

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