Real Issues — Weighin’ In

Whodathunkit? There are a couple of legit ruminations these days where our values as a society must be balanced with actual action on the field of endeavor. Both of which are vexations.

One is what to do with Michael Vick?

Anybody who has ever had a dog or petted a dog has to think twice about this fellow’s future. (You’re disqualified from this contemplation if you’ve ever been attacked by a pit bull or pinned against a car by a Doberman. And I’ve experience the latter, and, friends, it ain’t a jocular moment, let me tell ya.)

But I’m weighin’ in anyway.

What Vick did with his fighting dogs is pretty despicable. Housing and training them to get more vicious, then discarding them mercilessly when they no longer were needed for combat. Ugly. Onerous. And, truth be told, felonious.

That said, it would be piling on to prevent him from returning to the NFL. The guy’s been in the federal pen. He’s done his time. Pro football is full of fellas who have and continue to do things just as bad. Face it, for the most part, pro footballers are vicious kind o’ guys. Not all of them, mind you, but a lot of them indeed.

So, let Vick play. And I’m saying this as a dog lover. My hope is that Lila the Love Dog, may she rest in peace, whose picture is sitting right here by my keyboard, agrees.

The other real life issue is should Kentucky allow slots at race tracks? On the face of it — you listening David Williams? — it’s a no brainer. If Kentucky doesn’t do something, and quick, the home of the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports, is going to lose the thoroughbred racing industry.

The other side of the argument is how it might affect other businesses, which survive on our limited entertainment dollars? Which is to ask, why shouldn’t bars be allowed to have slots? Why just race tracks? Or, why not convenience stores, for that matter?

As bad a shape as the racetrack industry is in the commonwealth, should they benefit in a way that might undermine other forms of entertainment?

I say No. Let slots be legal in any business establishment. If a restaurant wants slots in its bar area, why not?

– Seedy K

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