Monthly Archives: May 2009

Dana Kirk Spirit Revives at UK

Meaning that Memphis State’s basketball program is in a heap o’ heap. And, despite several Final Four appearances — without a title, of course — the Tigers remain, truth be told, a wannabe. We honor the former Tiger head coach — and U of L assistant before that — because, well, he was always out […]

Saturday Night Recliner, Part II

Okay, so I was wrong, really wrong about the whole LeBron thing. I said they’d call enough fouls against Orlando to make sure Cleveland made it to the Finals against LA LA. Wellllllll, it’s gonna stink worse than the Outer Loop landfill if the LeBrons prevail. The Magic are up 21 with less than 10:00 […]

Cards Fans Discover Self

Truth is a lot of folks — myself included — are just now discovering this very gritty U of L baseball team. My guess is there were a lot of first timers in the stands last night, setting an attendance record. And more rookies tonight. Speaking of rookies, let’s hear it for Cave City freshman […]

Saturday Night Recliner, Part I

Louisville’s Cardinals are down 0-2 early to Middle Tennessee out at Patterson Field. Due to several circumstances — all legit — I didn’t make it out to the ballyard. Okay, I’m feeling more than a little guilty, but sometimes real life imposes itself. Like staying home with the Film Babe, picking up stepson at the […]

A Modest Prediction

The LA LA Kobes are in the NBA Finals. (Or, actually, they will be soon enough. They’re up 16 with 9:30 to go.) Which means that David Stern is in the middle of his wet dream and he’s halfway to climax. So here’s my prediction for Game Six of the Eastern Division Finals. LeBron James […]

Friday at the Ballyard

Note the official NCAA logo attached to this post. It’s required as one of the conditions of credential approval by college sports’ ruling body for anybody reporting from the site of an NCAA event. Their wish. My command. (I have not been cited for violating that policy this afternoon, which, shush, I did. My fingers […]

Let’s Play 2

It’s a great day for a ballgame, or as Mr. Cub Ernie Banks famously intoned, “Let’s play two.” I’m at Patterson Field for the NCAA baseball regional. The opener matches Vandy and cross-state rival, Middle Tennessee. Louisville opens its quest to make it to Omaha at 7:00 this evening against IU. It’s a slow arriving […]

Meanwhile in the World of . . .

. . . Big Time College Football, a couple of interesting developments. One of which might not interest you in the least. Three Big Eleven Schools — Michigan, Ohio State & Wisconsin — and you don’t get any more big time pigskin than they, have announced they will no longer be printing media guides. This […]

When 76 Trombones led . . .

. . . the big parade welcoming Coach Cal to the Bluegrass, we should maybe have taken a better look around the corner in the direction they were coming from, don’t ya think? ‘Cause the way it’s lookin’, Coach Cal may indeed be Conman Cal. At best, UK fans hope he morphs into Harold Hill, […]

Siegfried & Roy Alert

Tigers and Wildcats are restless here in the Heartland. It’s not a good thing. (Except for Lachlan’s radio ratings.) Where are those wild beast tamers when we really need them? Hiding out in Vegas? Which means I have a few further thoughts on the Gillispie lawsuit, Memphis State investigation and John Wall criminal case. (And, […]