Be Careful What You Call It

These days using the right sports terminology might cost you.

The next time you want to talk about a hoopster making a sweeping hook shot, and you figure you’ll describe it as a “sky hook,” you’d better get permission. These days you gotta pay to say that.

Seems that the ever cranky Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has, uh, tradmarked the term.

That is not a typo.

“My legacy is part of the game. I might as well do something with it, so I put my little trademark on it,” says Kareem.

You can buy the t-shirt right now.

The former Bruin and Laker says the proceeds will go to help grade schools and high schools raise money. Let’s only hope.

So, Coach Cal, whatdayathink? Some “Officially Sanctioned Dribble Driveā„¢” sweats? It would help ya meet those monthly donut expenses on that paltry salary of yours.

– Seedy K

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