Those Wacky Prepsters

It is now being reported that alleged hoop wunderkind Renardo Sidney has passed his tests and will be eligible to play for a NCAA school next season. That school was going to be UCLA, until the day before he announced it would be Southern Cal. After the Bruins got cold feet.

Now Sidney has joined several others who have jumped the Trojan ship and he reneged on that promise to play for the ever underachieving other L A school.

Initial word is that Mississippi State is now in his sights.

I’m told the kid’s situation is such that his last name should be spelled T*R*O*U*B*L*E. Several with some knowledge advise any school that takes him will be under the NCAA’s microscope.

And apparently the same is true for former U of L recruit Lance Stephenson. His parents whom I chatted up when the kid’s team played here season before last — Lance sat out the game for some reason — seemed like nice down to earth folks. They loved the tradition of Freedom Hall and U of L. But more than a few experts have mentioned how they now have their hands out. Which is not to mention that Stephenson is an on the court prima donna. Louisville long ago stopped recruiting him.

It will be interesting to see if St. John’s, which needs a high profile baller, is willing to take the bait.

– Seedy K

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