Just When You Thought It Was Safe . . .

. . . to jump into Derby week, he’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Okay, I know I’ve been out of town for the weekend, but, hey, deal with it. A guy’s gotta get some soft shell crab, crawfish and New Orleans gris-gris into his system for rejeuvenation. Slide guitar master John Mooney doing “Shortenin’ Bread” will free your soul, I tell ya.

Frankly, I’ve been out of touch. Didn’t even take my laptop with me.

I can tell you this, in New Orleans, there was nary a mention of The Rick, Karen Sypher, Dana Kolter (soon to be referred to as former attorney Dana Kolter) or the whole extortion thing that has us on pins and needles. (My man in Boston, former home of The Rick, advises the story is receiving play up there.) In the Crescent City, the sports pages are full of NFL draft, the Hornets, NFL draft, college baseball, NFL Draft, that golf tournament they had down there over the weekend, NFL Draft, the Derby (N O is pretty big horse racing town) and, of course, the NFL Draft.

I’m just getting back in touch with my sources, so I’ve nothing new to add at this time. Except this, there are rumors floating about that would make Lewis Carrol’s imagination seem staid. Point shaving at the Celtics . . . gimme a friggin’ break here. When I learn something worth reporting, I’ll pass it along.

Coming soon: Reports on the Champions League semis. MLB and how my Tigers are rockin’ steadier. The Stanley Cup. Those scintillating NBA playoffs. (Yeah, I know, you’re thinkin’ that Rondo kid would have looked sharp in red & black, but, hey, where would he have played?) And perhaps a word or deux about our obsession with hoops and recruiting.

– Seedy K

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