Monthly Archives: April 2009

Be Careful What You Call It

These days using the right sports terminology might cost you. The next time you want to talk about a hoopster making a sweeping hook shot, and you figure you’ll describe it as a “sky hook,” you’d better get permission. These days you gotta pay to say that. Seems that the ever cranky Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has, […]

The Loyalty Test

Revised 4/29 at 4:30 pm. The bill for my season U of L football ticket came in the mail today. $240 for the ticket. Ten bucks for handling. ????????? What are they going to handle and what are they going to handle it with, gold lame gloves? That’s in addition to the $350 yearly contribution […]

Those Wacky Prepsters

It is now being reported that alleged hoop wunderkind Renardo Sidney has passed his tests and will be eligible to play for a NCAA school next season. That school was going to be UCLA, until the day before he announced it would be Southern Cal. After the Bruins got cold feet. Now Sidney has joined […]

Like, Yeah, the NBA Really Sucks

I mean, really, why watch? The Bulls and Celtics are in OT, for, oh right, the third time in five games. Oh, nevermind. Who’d want to watch those boring play-for-pay games? – Seedy K

Just When You Thought It Was Safe . . .

. . . to jump into Derby week, he’s baaaaaaaaaack! Okay, I know I’ve been out of town for the weekend, but, hey, deal with it. A guy’s gotta get some soft shell crab, crawfish and New Orleans gris-gris into his system for rejeuvenation. Slide guitar master John Mooney doing “Shortenin’ Bread” will free your […]

Be Back Soon

I know you want the latest. You got questions. What did The Rick do and when? What up with this Karen Sypher? Tell me again why I should love the NBA playoffs? Who in the heck is this Crosby kid who plays for the Penguins? What sport do the Penguins play again? You really think […]

Take Heed, Ye NBA Naysayers

Yeah, I know, we’ve already talked about it. You love the college game — the Cats, the Cards, the Toppers, the Hoosiers, whomever — and you think the pro game, well, ain’t so hot. Fine. Deprive yourself. But understand this. For every NBA playoff game that’s a yawner, like the Mavs and Spurs last night, […]

Which Comes 1st — Logo or Team?

My Detroit Lions, if you recall, went 0-fer last season. As in they played sixteen NFL football games, and won, uh, zero. As in none of them. So the organization is looking for a way to bring about some fresh air and a new attitude, which might help mask the stench still lingering from the […]

Now Back to the Game

It’s NBA playoff time. So, hey, enough of all the rumor & innuendo, FBI investigations, coaching moves gossip, Coach Cal vs. The Rick message board smackdowns, guys who can’t dribble straight declaring for the draft, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Let’s talk about basketball. Like, you know, the actual game. Actually I would have done […]

Pitino Not The Only Target

Apparently, Rick Pitino is not the only target of an alleged extortionist, now identified by her attorney as Karen Sypher. The university has released this statement from Tim Sypher, the woman’s husband. “I am devastated by the bizarre allegations that my estranged wife is making against both Coach Pitino and myself. At this point, my […]