Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Spartans — C’est Formidable!

Just so you’ll know what the Cardinals are getting into this afternoon. This is Michigan State’s sixth Elite Eight appearance in the last 11 years — leading the nation. Since expansion to a 64 team field, the school is 4-1 in the Elite Eight. Under Izzo, the Spartans are 13-2 in the second game of […]

It’s Not Just Here

It is clear — NCAA tournament TV ratings are just one bit of evidence to prove it — that there is nowhere on the planet that cares as much about basketball as Kentuckiana. Tobacco Roaders, sit down and shut up. It’s early Sunday morning. Shapiro’s in Indy, just a couple of blocks from the stadium, […]

Now There are 6

Mr. & Ms. America, allow me to introduce you to unequivocally the best conference in the history of college hoops. If Exhibit 1 was UConn’s W over Mizzou, Exhibit 2 proving why the Big East is Da BEast is Ptt/ Villanova. The Panthers were the consensus guess at which school might really have the best […]

Now There Are 7

I’m forever fascinated by teams like Mizzou. They have an OK but not stunning regular season and conference tourney. Then all of a sudden they’re three games deep in the NCAAs with a shot at the Final Four. You watch a team like the Tigers with that relentless Forty Minutes of Hell D and shake […]

Jay Cardosi is an Idiot

It’s halftime of the Pitt/ Villanova game. Do we get to laugh at the stupid commentary of Greg Anthony and Seth Davis (who is really Billy Packer after Extreme Makeover Tournament Edition)? Do we get to see an interview with maybe The Rick or Roy Williams? Do we some stats? Of course not. We get […]

Saturday’s Press Conferences

As is par for the course for such affairs, not much new was said at today’s official U of L and Michigan State press conferences that we haven’t heard a thousand times before. We’re really excited to be here. The other team is playing really well. We have the utmost respect for Coach (Fill in […]

Now there are Eight

Something’s Gotta Give. Tom Izzo is undefeated in NCAA tournament games played in Indianapolis. Louisville is undefeated in NCAA tournament games played in Indianapolis. They’re Everywhere, They’re Everywhere. You think that Kentuckiana has a stranglehold on the rumor biz, think again. My source in Michigan — a Spartans fan — advises that gossip is rampant […]

The Aftermath

Okay I’m sitting courtside for the Michigan State/ Kansas game, so I can check these teams out live and in person. But, of course, I left all my notes back in the media room, so I’m wingin’ it even more than usual on the Cards game. At the post game press conference, there were no […]

UK’s Donovan Era is Ovah!!

Okay, some time, you get the bear. Most of the time, the bear eats you. The latter is what I’m facing right now. Let’s just say I’m not bathing in honey at the moment. I was right about Gillispie. But wrong about Donovan. He’s issued a statement which indicates he’s staying in GatorLand. Oooooooops! Which […]

Beyond the Pink

Of all the confusing juxtapositions, get a loada this. Besides the MidWest Regional here in Indy, there’s the Indiana boys high school finals over at Conseco. Besides the MidWest Regional and the boys high school finals at Conseco, there’s a Mary Kay convention at the Westin, which is media headquarters. So, you know, it’s hard […]