The Morning After

Okay, it’s actually the afternoon after.

This is a little late. For a number of reasons. One, our blogging servers were down. Two, I had an extended piece due on the Cards’ weekend and, so garbled were my thoughts and my ability to express them, that I had to rewrite that twice. It will be in Wednesday’s print edition as well as online.

Most of all, I am still a bit stunned by the meltdown against Michigan State. It was like the Cards have never seen a man-to-man before. Tom Izzo and the Spartans had a pitch perfect game plan, and it worked like a Swiss watch. U of L looked ill prepared and unable to adjust. U of L needed to man up and didn’t. Period.

Best team yesterday won.

I think it’s all explainable but I don’t want to scoop myself. So mo’ later.

– Seedy K

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