Coach Cal a Done Deal, But There’s More

I am told by some folks who should know that John Calipari will in fact leave Memphis State to become the next head coach at the University of Kentucky. Not really a scoop there, but there’s more.

As anybody with any sense knows, there’s a rivalry already between Calipari and The Rick, which is somewhere between simmering and boiling over. But the heat will be turned up.

I heard something over the weekend I hadn’t heard before. And have now checked it out with another source. If true, the UK vs. U of L thing would get even more incestuous than it already is. I’m told Calipari has eyes on former Cardinal Kenny Payne, now at Oregon, as a possible addition to his staff at UK.

The money figures being tossed about for his salary are truly obscene. In the $4 million per year range.

The irony is that this is a major story whatever happens. If Coach Cal comes, the Big Blue Nation will be apoplectic with joy. If he jilts them at the last moment, like Billy Donovan did last week, Russell Springs, Waddy, Peytona and Big Bone Lick will be on hara-kiri alert, along with the rest of the commonwealth.

– Seedy K

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