Now There Are 5

And one of them is not the University of Louisville Cardinals who were double-digit bested by Michigan State in the Elite Eight.


I’ve got a story to write for the print edition of LEO. I’ll check back later, probably in the morning, with some observations in the aftermath.

– Seedy K

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  1. Two Fingers
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    As Spartan alum and longtime friends of Wags, he asked that we needle a bit before the game. Sadly for me, I don’t think this reached you before yesterday’s game, my point never made the cusion. In my play book, one of the biggest Spartan moments ever occurred yesterday afternoon. What Izzo did was huge. Same for the guys that listened to him and played their hearts out. It’s now history, but written below was all meant in the fun of the friendships sports can offer its fans and someday, the saga of Seedy K., Joey the Vig and Two Fingers will have another chapter to add.

    Hey Chuck, aka Seedy K.,

    I’ve seen your name on pools run by our mutual friend, Wags, aka Joey the Vig. Joey tells me you’re quite a sports fan. Big fan of The Cardinal and the guys they have playing basketball at this time. Personally, I’m thinking it pretty seedy they’ve advanced as far as they have. Those boys might well all be nicknamed ‘Chuck the Luck’ since that seems what they’re so good at. Chuck the ball in the general direction of the goal and count on uncanny luck for having it slip through the circle. Well, the circle’s about to go broken. Cardinal luck has fallen through the bottom of the basket. The Cardinal will face The Spartan soon.

    You run any pools? Like Wags, I run a few from down here in Savannah, GA. Also an MSU grad, I’m originally from East Lansing, Spartan Country. The Vig and I go way back to grade school where we’d take bets on kick ball games and four square. We’d even sucker people into long odds betting whether we’d have graham crackers or saltines for snack break. Paid the custodian to let us know which box had gone out with the trash.

    Serving two regions as we do, Joey and I (Lash LaReau, aka Two Fingers) can often dump off bets to one another to balance our books. Not so with this game, Louisville / Michigan State. Can’t seem to find anyone to bet The Cardinal. Certainly not when asked to give points.

    We checked Louisville area hospitals for birth records and crossed that with info on those that may have remained in Cardinal Land. Especially those that may have – inadvertently I’m sure – actually attended the university. We then launched an all out telemarketing plan in an effort to find the funds to balance the heavy investments we have on the Spartans. Unfortunately, not with nearly as much luck as Louisville has when blindly hurling the ball towards the glass and rim. We’ve now refined our search to second and third and fourth generation Louisville residents. Particularly those that are known to fly the U of L flag and for having painted their homes Red and White.

    Our phone operators hear the same response to the bet we solicit. In spite of also offering a free Cardinal cap and t-shirt for participating, we’ve now amassed a revenue of redundant retort.

    “Give the Spartans six or seven? Have you lost your mind?”

    With the flood of money we have on MSU, the situation in Fargo North Dakota looks like a dripping faucet. I suppose the Spartans could lose six or seven players to broken legs or salmonella poisoning, go on to lose the game and not cover the line, but, short of that, our bird (your bird) is cooked. Spartan money will break the bank. We’ll need a bailout to recover.

    In the media business, perhaps you might be able to raise a little interest in supporting (and, ultimately, betting) the Cardinal to win and cover the spread for Louisville.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Lash LaReau
    aka Two Fingers

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