Now there are Eight

Something’s Gotta Give. Tom Izzo is undefeated in NCAA tournament games played in Indianapolis. Louisville is undefeated in NCAA tournament games played in Indianapolis.

They’re Everywhere, They’re Everywhere. You think that Kentuckiana has a stranglehold on the rumor biz, think again. My source in Michigan — a Spartans fan — advises that gossip is rampant about Izzo and what he might do. There is innuendo that he might bolt for the Timberwolves, Alabama (where another former Spartan coach has landed, much to the chagrin of the Big Green Nation) and Arizona, which if you were to believe all you hear, he’s neck and neck with The Rick for the job. Speaking of ‘Zona . . .

. . . Sayonara Arizona. Chase Budinger is gone. Jordan Hill is gone, though his lackluster throwaway effort against Louisville did, as they say, “cost him a lot of money.” And, with both of them adios, the only other player of any value, Nic Wise, will chose to play for pay in someplace like Turkey before returning to Tuscon. Which leaves the Wildcats with a squad consisting of no players who scored more than three points in the loss last night. And both their coaches are gone. Did that Lute Olson leave a legacy or what?

Bulletin: Gillispie is a Grump. A sportscaster of note was chatting about a recent encounter with UK’s former coach. The media guy said he approached as if he were wearing an “I come in peace” sign on his chest. And that he asked Billy Clyde softball questions only about the play of the Cats. He said Gillispie was surly from the get go, with a major chip on his shoulder, as if he was going to argue with anything the media fellow said. Well, he ain’t gonna be doin’ that in these parts anymore.

Zebras. One thing I love about the NCAA is that you see refs who aren’t Jim Burr, Mike Kitts or Whatisname Higgins. The threesome who called Louisville’s game last night — Doug Shows, Steve Olson and Steve Skiles did a great job. Not that ther was a call that might have affected the game.

Best Sign of the Night. It read “Superman Wears TWill Pajamas.”

The Gym. Okay, it’s not really a gym, Lucas Oil Stadium that is, site of the regional and next year’s Final Four, when the NCAA intends to sell all the seats in the joint, which means some folks in the upper deck will be farther from the action than the folks eating corned beef at Shapero’s two blocks away. Like I said before, the seats close to the court are troublesome because there’s very little pitch so you’re looking through the folks sitting in front of you. And the ones with a decent angle are outside I-465. That said, unlike a lot of these football fields hosting b-ball games, the crowd noise does carry to field level and can impact play. It’s not like a real gym, but better than most domes acoustically for some odd reason.

Chase Budinger . . . is a stud. A sure long time pro. The guy can ball.

Still Smilin’ . . . the day after over Edgar Sosa’s game, E5′s poise, that every scholarship player on the team scored and this amazing stat: 29 assists on 38 made field goals.

Shapiro’s Report. Three meals in three days ranked: 1) New York Reuben on Friday, which received all the first place votes; 2) Lox Omelot on Saturday; 3) Pastrami on Rye on Thursday. (New guy cutting the meat didn’t know how to pile it on for a fresser like me. It happens.)

– Seedy K

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