Now There Are 7

I’m forever fascinated by teams like Mizzou.

They have an OK but not stunning regular season and conference tourney. Then all of a sudden they’re three games deep in the NCAAs with a shot at the Final Four.

You watch a team like the Tigers with that relentless Forty Minutes of Hell D and shake your head. You wonder why they weren’t mo’ betta before the tourney?

But like Mike Anderson’s feisty club, these schools eventually go away. They’re a shot or a stop or a made FT away from really overcoming. But they don’t.

And so Missouri fell to UConn, notwithstanding a valiant effort.

You can have your Tyreke Evans, absurd comparisons to Oscar Robertson and all. I’ll take Kemba Walker, college hoops legit Most Valuable Frosh. For one he is more valuable to his team in this his first season. Don’t give me that crap about how Memphis State turned it around when Evans took over at point. What happened to the Tigers was that they started their conference schedule. I could pick five yahoos from the Cats Pause message board and they’d finish second in the C-USA.

This Kemba kid is smart, tough, relentless and, he’s going to be playing in Storrs for four years. He is college hoops next great guard.

I did not see much of Oklahoma’s win over Syracuse or any of Carolina’s Sweet 16 W over everybody’s all-time tease, Gonzaga. (Apologies to Billy Donovan, quite a tease himself. But the Zags do it every single year.) Of the teams I’ve seen, including the Cards, UConn has been more consistently good for the whole Dance.

The Huskies were 10-10 at the line in the last minute. That’s what champs do.

– Seedy K

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  1. Fred
    Posted March 28, 2009 at 9:12 pm | Permalink

    Why not Mike Anderson to UK? He coaches a style they’d love in Lexington.

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