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Mr. & Ms. America, allow me to introduce you to unequivocally the best conference in the history of college hoops.

If Exhibit 1 was UConn’s W over Mizzou, Exhibit 2 proving why the Big East is Da BEast is Ptt/ Villanova.

The Panthers were the consensus guess at which school might really have the best team in the land heading into the tournament. Well, they may have been. But, twice this season they couldn’t beat Villanova.

So the LoxMen advance to the Final Four, making the BEast two for two against the rest of this big ol’ hoops-addled land of ours.

22 of 23 from the free throw line. That’s a mighty glossy number, the kind that wins games settled by a point here and there and a coast to coast drive to win by a deuce. DeJuan Blair is plenty good, but he missed three major charity tosses in the last seven minutes of the contest.

While you can’t convince the folks in Panther Country, Villanova won this game, Pitt didn’t lose it. A steal and two knock down FTs by LeVance Fields at :05.5. That’s not the play of losers. Scotty Reynolds came up big, Danny Ainge big, Demetri Gordon big. Goin’ to the Final Four big.

Jay Wright’s team has been playing as good as anybody in the country for the last month. Except for that inexplicable L to Georgetown at home. And the fourteen point L to U of L in the BEast Tourney semis.

Now for a restless night’s sleep and the one that matters most here in Louisville.

– Seedy K

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  1. Lachlan
    Posted April 17, 2009 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    not even close to the best league ever CD. not even close.

    you can’t ignore the bottom of a league and just pretend it doesn’t exist! the Big East had six outstanding teams… the problem is there are SIXTEEN teams in the league.

    is it the best conference ever AT THE TOP? sure. I’ll go for that. the best conference ever OVERALL? not even close. and that’s why they aren’t #1 in any of the computer rankings.

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