Monthly Archives: February 2009

Listen to the Lions

The feel good story of the Kentucky high school prep b-ball season is, of course, the Elliott County Lions. They are Carr Creek redux. Those thick short fellas from the mountains used to come to the state tourney and seemingly get every single board. They ball in the spirit of Wayland’s King Kelly Coleman. If […]

Tuesday Tip Ins

* Georgetown sure looks like a team that simply wants the season to end. While JT3 gives lip service to winning 5 in 5 in the BEast tourney to make it to The Dance, the real Hoya Paranoia is this: They’re more likely to have a losing record and miss even the NIT. * SuperUberDuperPrepster […]

Fed Ex State Tigers

I just discovered that Memphis State seriously considered honoring the commitment by Federal Express to its program in a very palpable way. By wearing the company’s  colors, purple and orange unis, for a home game against SMU. Apparently the Tiger fan base expressed its displeasure enough that the the athletic administration realized it wasn’t ready […]

Former Benchwarmer has Career Day

Didn’t Rajon Rondo play his way from a starting role to one of the Sitting Seven when he played for that school up in Lexington a few years back?  Yes. And didn’t the Cards blow him off when he wanted to matriculate in favor of some winky dink from NYC? I think so. Well, today […]

Call in the Auctioneer

Five of the nation’s leading prep talents are still available for a freshman hoops class somewhere next season. Whose going to be the highest bidder? Here are the names you might have heard or maybe not. Demarcus Cousins. Renardo Sidney. Lance Stephenson. John Wall. Latavious Williams. All are considered Top 20 recruits. And the word […]

Gangs of Four

As February blissfully trudges toward its end, it’s time for college hoopdom’s annual reality. Ratings — They don’t mean a thing. All that matters from now on, is where teams stand in groups of four. Seedings. That’s the deal. So here’s one wag’s totally subjective, for today only (2/22 a.m.), groups of top four seeds […]

He Stayed Just A Little Bit Longer

With apologies to Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs for the title, a bit of perspective on Darius Miller’s long awaited breakout game yesterday against the Vols. There was a real chance it mighta never happened. Miller came close to leaving the team back around Christmas. Not sure if it was simple frosh home sickness. Or […]

M & M & M & Ms — Mmm, Mmm Good

Here are sommmmmmmme squads not to take lightly. Mmmmmmmarquette. They’re not so quietly off the radar anymore. This senior-laden, guard-oriented group just keeps on ticking. Winning at Georgetown, in a last gasper for the Hoyas — Big. Mmmmmmmmizzou. Missouri, very quietly, is 23-4. Given the Tigers 40 minutes of hell D, Mike Anderson’s guys are […]

1st Thoughts: Evil Twins Lead Cards Win

Pop Quiz: Without looking at the box score, guess how many minutes Preston Knowles played against the Bearcats? Yeah, sure, I’m pumped the Cards won in Cincy. Conference game on the road in late February. Against a better than average team that’s hungry for a W. U of L stayed steady throughout. But, I’d be […]

No C-J at the Dance?????

Rick Redding at is reporting that our Once Great Newspaper might not have any reporters or columnists following the Cards, Cats or Hilltoppers in the post-season. The word is slipping out that economic times are so tough at 6th & Broadway that all travel for the rest of the quarter is out. Given how […]