The Dance will be a Doozy

Joe Lunardi has made a relatively reliable science of picking which teams make it into the NCAA. And is a pretty fair estimatician of the seed value of each squad. Or, is that predictator of the seediness of each school?

Anyway, he’s still got Louisville on the second line. Which means the Cards would open with a 15 seed gimme. Then play a #7 or #10 in the second round. To show just how tough this year’s tourney is going to be, here are the eight teams Lunardi currently projects in those two spots: Gonzaga, Siena, Syracuse, Dayton, Butler, Arizona, Texas and Kentucky. Any of which would be a feisty foe.

Load up on the chips, popcorn and beverages. Have Impellizzeri’s Pizza on speed dial. You don’t want to miss a dribble of this year’s Dance. One guy’s opinion is that this may be the Most Meshugge* Mother of all March Madnesses evah!!!!!!!!

– Seedy K

* Meshugge is Yiddish, meaning “crazy, nuts, wildly extravagant, absurd.”

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