Saturday’s Second Helping

If Billy Clyde said it once, he repeated it twenty times in his post game presser with Tom Leach: “I don’t understand.”

Well BCG, here’s what I don’t understand. Your team took 52 shots (hit a danged good percentage too), and two guys — Patterson and Meeks — took 39 of them. How come the other guys don’t get the ball in places where it’s okay for them to shoot? If you don’t want Stevenson to shoot from the elbow, why don’t you have somebody who can get it in that spot when you’re team is swinging the ball from side to side? If only to loosen up the stranglehold that your two big uns have to deal with. Jodie Meeks firing contested treys ain’t gonna cut it. That Tennessee game was an aberration.

Miller can shoot. Galloway seems to have a shot. Give em a chance. Make em feel like it’s okay for them to fire it up. Otherwise their knees are going to keep shaking. As it now stands, UK’s streak of 17 straight NCAAs is in serious jeopardy.

Other observations:

Several teams with an otherwise legit chance at the title are going to do their Memphis State ’08 imitation and miss key free throws which will cost them more than investing in a subprime mortgage fund.

I asked The Rick about U of L’s free throw problems at his Friday press conference. He blamed it on game fatigue. Whatever. If not corrected, it will be the Cardinals’ demise this post season.

As good as she is — and Angel McCoughtry is real real good — she’d be even better if she didn’t force up those five shots a game she shouldn’t take. But that Coach Walz has got himself a dynasty in the making.

UConn looks hungry. That hasn’t always been the case the last couple seasons.

LSU’s performance this season confirms what we all knew all along. John Brady was an awful basketball coach. And a putz besides. You gotta be happy for Trent Johnson, who made a bold move from Palo Alto to Baton Rouge.

– Seedy K

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  1. gnash001
    Posted March 2, 2009 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    I read Pete Maravich’s biography. The way it described Brady’s treatment of Pete’s son who walked on at LSU makes me wish they would put Brady in jail!

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