Hokie Pokie & Other Saturday Dance Scenarios

If memory serves, Craig Wiggins was most proficient doing the hokey pokey at my Bar Mitzvah party at Fourth Avenue Roller Rink. He should be glad Jonathon Scheyer wasn’t invited. With less than a minute to go, the Dookie was trapped in the back court, with his team up three on Virginia Tech. He moved his pivot foot once, twice, thrice. Jimmy Dykes, who I used to like but is getting on my nerves lately, correctly called it the hokie pokie.

No call. Duke survives. Yet again Craig Greenburg’s Gobblers can’t close. NIT here they come. They’ll probably have plenty of time to work on their dance moves this month.

Some other Saturday hoops observations:

Washington’s Lorenzo Romar can really coach. His Washington Huskies are gonna beat somebody unexpectedly in the Dance.

Barry Tompkins, who does play by play on those Pac 10 games, is an easy announcer to listen to.

If I hear the phrase “resumé win” one more time, I’m going to throw my ottoman through the TV. But methinks we got two more weeks of it.

Haters beware: Memphis State is a good team and legitimate national title contenda. Damn it.

I think Billy Clyde has everybody on his team not named Patterson and Meeks afraid to shoot. Maybe it’s that Rupp has the firmest rims in college hoops. At least that’s what Brad Nessler says.

Okay, I got more, but you know what. The Film Babe is making her to-die-for crab cakes for dinner and I gotta go. More later.

– Seedy K

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