Ready for Prime Time?

That’s the question UK fans are asking today about Billy Clyde.

The Big Blue Nation is upset. With the team. With the coach.

And with each other. A Cat fan who was at the South Carolina game posted his experience attempting to engage the team and coach after the game. (A silly move really, given the nature of the outcome. What was he expecting, roses and giggles?) The reaction of other Kentucky fans was that he was all BS. Until the fellow posted the photos he took, proving he actually hooked up with Jodie, PP and BCG.

If you heard Gillispie’s post game interview, you know already that he was so dazed after the game he must have confused Tom Leach — a big fellow — with Jeannine Edwards. He ripped Leach for one of his questions. Bad form, Billy Clyde. What were you trying to prove by sitting down your best player?

I think Gillispie is a good coach. (It would be good if he could school his squad not to throw the ball away so much.) I also think he, like many, isn’t ready for the pressure cooker of UK leading hoops. You’ve got to be thick skinned and Rupp/Pitino strong for the job. I have heard nary a sentence about him leaving or Barnhart giving up on him. But it would not surprise me if his tenure in Lexington was a short one.

UK is not the only place that needs a hearty soul with strong resilience and a mighty personality to survive. Two former college hoops powers are suffering mightily now from the lack thereof. DePaul is one, St. John’s the other. These are schools with woefully outdated facilities in pro markets. They need bombast to accompany ability on the bench and along the recruiting trail.

Jerry Wainwright will surely be gone from the Blue Devils after this season. Such a pity. He’s a very nice, very funny fellow. Who happens to be a good coach. But he’s been swallowed by circumstances in the Land of the Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Bears and Black Hawks. DePaul needs to make a committment to the sport. Or they’ll be bottom feeders from now on, whomever the coach is.

Same situation in New York for Norm Roberts. He’s a good coach with nothing to sell players in the Land of the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, etc, etc, etc. The Johnnies’ administration needs to get off the pot. Louie Carnesecca ain’t walking through the locker room door.

– Seedy K

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