“We hired the Kragthorp(e) of basketball”

That was the title of just one of many similar threads at catspause.com in the aftermath of UK’s 18 point breakdown at South Carolina.

Here’s a sample of what the Big Blue fans are feeling about Billy Clyde tonight:

” . . . I don’t know what makes you think he can coach. How many NCAA tournament wins does he have? What exactly has he done, other than lose to inferior teams? He can’t even speak professionally, he doesn’t carry himself professionally. (example, “we just got whooped,” or being arrogant/rude to reporters) He makes zero adjustments offensively and defensively. Has bizarre substitution patterns. Doesn’t seem to relate or motivate his players very well. Always on his knees, wearing the goofy grin on the sidelines, like his shit don’t stink.. Just a terrible hire for us.”

Billy Clyde’s comments in his post game show: “It was total annihilation. A total whoopin’”

Next up: LSU (24-4).

– Seedy K

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