Tuesday Tip Ins

* Georgetown sure looks like a team that simply wants the season to end. While JT3 gives lip service to winning 5 in 5 in the BEast tourney to make it to The Dance, the real Hoya Paranoia is this: They’re more likely to have a losing record and miss even the NIT.

* SuperUberDuperPrepster Renardo Sidney committed to Southern Cal. Word is the day before he proclaimed UCLA was the choice. Until the Bruins couldn’t promise he’d be accepted into the Westwood school. Maybe, Sidney should, like, I dunno, take the ACT or SAT. This might, just guessing here, give him a clue if he’ll ever be eligible to matriculate at a major college. I’m thinking Europe for this kid, if only he knew what Europe was.

* Oklahoma is a more formidable team than I thought. If Blake Griffin returns to anywhere near normal, they will be a force to reckon with come tournament time.

* I’m having to pass up a chance to see the Duke/ Florida State game live at Cameron Indoor next Tuesday because of a previous commitment. I’m eating dinner with some long time pals, who have promised to come to the restaurant shirtless, painted in blue. Discretion prevents me from revealing the location to prevent throngs of groupies.

* Why do I keep thinking that Earl Clark could be the dominant player in college hoops if he would stay focused every second on the court, not try to drive to his left into traffic, hit the offensive boards and, as they say, “let the game come to him?” But he made one offensive board Monday night that was the best I’ve seen this season.

* Why do I keep thinking that Terrence Williams could be the dominant player in college hoops, if he didn’t feel compelled to try his Magic Johnson imitation a couple of times every game and commit several totally unnecessary turnovers?

* Wasn’t Greg Monroe supposed to be a lot better than Samardo Samuels?

* Providence beat Pitt. Which raises the question: Just what is the deal with college hoops this season? Some pundits have said they think this season will be like last, meaning all four #1 seeds will make it to Detroit for the Final Four. I say there’s a better chance than none of them make it to the national semis. I think it’s quite possible that a school like Clemson or Arizona State or Missouri could string together six in a row and win the title. Paths to the championship are going to open up for an opportunistic, veteran, focused team.

* There isn’t a contender out there that doesn’t have some serious flaws. Which I need to remember when the Evil TWill shows up during a game, and E5 plays a half with his head in a cloud.

* I guess I need to apologize. I haven’t mentioned He Who Would Be Tiger’s name in, oh, months. The golfer that my clueless buddy David says is the best athlete in the history of sports says his short game is better than ever. Which stupendous news just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I know I’ve cleared out my schedule for the rest of the week so I don’t miss a stroke of his long awaited return to competition.

* Still awaiting the names of those other 101 guys who tested positive for steroids. It just doesn’t seem fair that A Rod gets all the pub.

* Speaking of baseball — Whither Manny?

* Jeannine Edwards just interviewed LSU’s Trent Johnson at the half. The Bayou Bengals are behind, but, gosh, Johnson answered her questions completely, civilly, smiled at the end and said thanks to his interviewer. Now, Billy Clyde, that’s not such a hard thing to do, is it?

* Pat Knight was suspended for a game because of a verbal tirade. Imagine our surprise. If his team doesn’t play any better, he can rant and rave all he wants and nobody will care because he’ll be doing it in the privacy of his own home.

* How about Trent Johnson for Coach of Year?

– Seedy K

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  1. Ernie Muppet
    Posted February 26, 2009 at 1:08 am | Permalink

    Scotty Davenport for coach of the year, baby.

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