1st Thoughts: Evil Twins Lead Cards Win

Pop Quiz: Without looking at the box score, guess how many minutes Preston Knowles played against the Bearcats?

Yeah, sure, I’m pumped the Cards won in Cincy. Conference game on the road in late February. Against a better than average team that’s hungry for a W. U of L stayed steady throughout.

But, I’d be remiss, not to mention derelict in my duties, if I didn’t mention those awkward moments when the Cards could have sewn the victory up sooner than they did but the Evil TWill and Evil Earl showed up.

Williams can pump up ill advised shots way too early in the possession. Truth is he played a helluva game. So forget I even ventured toward negativitude.

My love/ hate relationship with Earl continues. Okay, there’s no hate. But, Earl, Earl, Earl, my man, you can make some of the most numbskull moves in college hoops. The Evil Earl was 4-15 from the field. Evil Earl committed 6 nasty TOs.

Ah, but E5, when he hits the offensive boards — he nabbed 5 — and plays some D is Da Man. While his assists are up, every pass remains a crap shoot. He always spins the ball with English on it.

What I’m guessing I mean to say is this. This was a great win for Louisville, because there is still plenty of room for improvement from the Cards best two hoopsters.

Quiz Answer: 15. This Knowles kid is so balls out when he’s on the court, it seems like he’s always in the game.

– Seedy K

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